Season 2 episode 6

The phone began to ring at the firm late into the night, and Harvey puts down the call. He then calls Ray and orders him to bring him a tux and pick him up in his limo. Later, Mike is drinking whilst watching Diff’rent Strokes when Harvey taps on his door. Harvey tells him to wear a tux because they have a “situation” in Atlantic City. When Mike mentions to Harvey he doesn’t have one, Harvey admits that he expected this, so he came prepared with an extra tux in hand for Mike to wear.

Upon arrival at the casino, where Mike was really banned from in the past for counting cards, Harvey discovers out that his friend, Keith Hoyt, is playing poker. This bothers him since Keith has always been an alcoholic with a compulsive gambling condition. When they reach the table, Keith had already bet $3 million dollars, which he loses start away. He later explains that he put up his company as collateral to Thomas Walsh for the money he borrowed and, after he lost, he also lost his company…with a contract confirmed and signed on the back of a napkin. While Harvey attempts to talk to Tom and his lawyer, Mike reveals to Keith that their napkin agreement would be valid if it had the minimum requirements:(The offer, acceptance, and consideration in explanation, all of which the napkin has written into it) like Laptops Calgary.  

Meanwhile, at a ballet performance at the Royal Hall, Louis and Rachel notice each other. Recognizing that they are both alone, since the grieving Donna had bailed on Rachel, Louis invites Rachel to the take th extra seat alongside him that he also has reserved. They bond throughout the performance. As they leave the hall, they hear a man yelling insults, and when Louis believes that he was insulting the ballet itself, he nearly disputes with the man, only to realize that the person was, in fact, Sergei Baskov, the celebrated ballet dancer. He explains to Louis and Rachel that two of his dancers had strained their ankles in their rehearsal space, so Louis offers to assist his legal case against the hall.

The next day, Jessica is concerned about Harvey playing poker, stating that he is spinning out from the discharge of Donna. When Harvey tells Jessica that Donna is invaluable, Jessica chooses to assign a temp to be Harvey’s assistant. Jessica then finds out that the judge serving on Harvey’s fraud case had just dismissed the motion to seal. When she finds out that the judge is, in fact, a former classmate and rival, Ella Medieros-Follman, on whom Jessica had once performed a very messy prank on to get rid of her as competition for a spot they had both wanted. She recognizes that the attack might be very personal reason, seeing as Ella has never actually moved on from the prank.