Season 2 episode 2 Part 1

Things are not looking good for Mike after he is almost fired following Jessica interaction with Trevor where he spilled the beans in the final episode of season 1 to gain some sort o revenge. Mike is also well ecstatic to realize that Rachel still harbors romantic feelings for him after finally hearing the message she left for him, but he missed because of Trevor.

Jessica is shocked to see construction going on around at the law firm without her permission and presumes it is all Daniel Hardman. Even her cherished tea set is seen being taken away from her office into the supposed new office. Louis walks in and questions why the walls haven’t been taupe as this was Hardman’s request. He also wonders who he should now report to now that the founding partner is back and because Hardman had asked him to go and summarize all the cases on file that the law firm handled whilst he was away. Jessica tells him it’s still she who Louis truly answers to and that they work closely together when in fact Jessica and Daniel will never really be on the same page. Harvey asks why she hid the truth and told him that “you don’t let the children know that mommy and daddy are fighting.”

Mike is happy to see Rachel and get eh chance to tell her that he finally got her voicemail, but before Mike can explain to her how he feels about her, Louis gets in the middle and commands that he needs Rachel. Just as she leaves, Mike then plants a long passionate kiss on her.