Season 2 episode 6

The phone began to ring at the firm late into the night, and Harvey puts down the call. He then calls Ray and orders him to bring him a tux and pick him up in his limo. Later, Mike is drinking whilst watching Diff’rent Strokes when Harvey taps on his door. Harvey tells him to wear a tux because they have a “situation” in Atlantic City. When Mike mentions to Harvey he doesn’t have one, Harvey admits that he expected this, so he came prepared with an extra tux in hand for Mike to wear.

Upon arrival at the casino, where Mike was really banned from in the past for counting cards, Harvey discovers out that his friend, Keith Hoyt, is playing poker. This bothers him since Keith has always been an alcoholic with a compulsive gambling condition. When they reach the table, Keith had already bet $3 million dollars, which he loses start away. He later explains that he put up his company as collateral to Thomas Walsh for the money he borrowed and, after he lost, he also lost his company…with a contract confirmed and signed on the back of a napkin. While Harvey attempts to talk to Tom and his lawyer, Mike reveals to Keith that their napkin agreement would be valid if it had the minimum requirements:(The offer, acceptance, and consideration in explanation, all of which the napkin has written into it) like Laptops Calgary.   Continue reading

Suits Season 2 part 2

Jessica walks directly into Harvey’s office to talk about how different departments feel about Harvey. Donna then interrupts from her desk just as Jessica is about to ask about real estate saying that Harvey was horrible to the real estate agents, as well as contracts, taxes, mergers and sums up that that all these individuals don’t like Harvey basically because he thinks he is right all the time. She thinks they’re barely known at bankruptcy though, as Jessica is assigning Harvey to a case of bankruptcy to Paul Porter’s client. Mike; then flower from an omelet bar which Hardman brought for the associates. Harvey tells him to not trust Daniel since he doesn’t really know who he is yet: Hardman did embezzle funds from the firm clients to support his mistress, while lying the money was for his wife’s cancer treatments. Mike wants to side along with Daniel instead of Jessica at first but when Harvey tells him his career will be at risk if he decides on going to Daniel’s side and that Jessica chooses to keep him despite him bringing a frauduilent credital to his appointment in his job, he switches side. Harvey assigns something about Paul Porter to Mike. This reminds of the tow truck calgary company who at a time came when collision happened came quick and delivered great service with a smile because that is what they do; just like Mike who only ha the interests of others at heart.

Louis asks Donna what is actually going on among Daniel and Jessica and even tries bribing her with tickets to one show she desperately desires to watch starring Meryl Streep and Glen Close if she tells him. Feeling used by Louis, Donna holds her mouth shut but Louis lets her know when she’s ready to talk, he’ll hand over the ticket. Mike flirts with Rachel and lets her know that he broke up with Jenny for her. They just about get to kiss when an executive strolls by and Mike playfully switches to work. He asks her why she took Kyle with her during their double date when she doesn’t even like him, then tells her to tell him about it on a date.

Harvey meets with Paul on a golf course and they talk about the changes happening around the office. Harvey then promises to handle Tom, Paul’s client to foreclose Madison 25 to save Paul’s reputation. In exchange, Harvey asks to support Jessica at the firm.

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Harvey and Mike meet up with Tom Clapper and talk about foreclosing Madison 25. Tom doesn’t want to declare bankruptcy, then Harvey throws out a football analogy that if Peyton Manning goes down and the team loses games, the team must move on and let go of some things in order to protect assets (that being letting go of Manning). Harvey tells Tom that he owes a quarter billion already and needs to let go to protect his own assets. Tom lets them know that is not about him or his future but is about his family name. Tom then comes up with his own football analogy that when team is about to lose, a quarterback throws a Hail Mary pass. Harvey counters that with the fact that a team does that if the team has nothing to lose; though in this case, Tom does. When almost all else fails and Tom makes his case, Mike comes up with an idea.

Donna goes to Louis’s office to ask if it is possible to have the 250 million loan debt extended for Tom, but when Donna tells him that the bank is National Metropolitan, Louis becomes doubtful. Louis asks for a detail in Daniel and Jessica’s rift in exchange for the debt extension and Donna asks for the show tickets. Deal is done.

Harvey and Mike talk to a bank representative about the foreclosure hold on Madison 25; that Tom will have the assets to make the bank a lot of money. But the bank tells them that what matters is the current assets the property has and that they will not be able to liquidate any of the property’s assets as of now.

Mike and Rachel try to set up some dating ground rules in the library when Louis walks in and remind Rachel about her assignment. Mike is not too pleased with it and reminds Louis that if he wants Rachel to summarize all the firm’s cases, then he is going to have to wait. Mike then tries to make Louis jealous by telling him that Hardman invited all the associates to a Bruce Springsteen concert. Louis claims he doesn’t care about it because he doesn’t want to spend his evening with a bunch of associates.

Season 2 episode 2 Part 1

Things are not looking good for Mike after he is almost fired following Jessica interaction with Trevor where he spilled the beans in the final episode of season 1 to gain some sort o revenge. Mike is also well ecstatic to realize that Rachel still harbors romantic feelings for him after finally hearing the message she left for him, but he missed because of Trevor.

Jessica is shocked to see construction going on around at the law firm without her permission and presumes it is all Daniel Hardman. Even her cherished tea set is seen being taken away from her office into the supposed new office. Louis walks in and questions why the walls haven’t been taupe as this was Hardman’s request. He also wonders who he should now report to now that the founding partner is back and because Hardman had asked him to go and summarize all the cases on file that the law firm handled whilst he was away. Jessica tells him it’s still she who Louis truly answers to and that they work closely together when in fact Jessica and Daniel will never really be on the same page. Harvey asks why she hid the truth and told him that “you don’t let the children know that mommy and daddy are fighting.”

Mike is happy to see Rachel and get eh chance to tell her that he finally got her voicemail, but before Mike can explain to her how he feels about her, Louis gets in the middle and commands that he needs Rachel. Just as she leaves, Mike then plants a long passionate kiss on her.