Suits Season 2 part 2

Jessica walks directly into Harvey’s office to talk about how different departments feel about Harvey. Donna then interrupts from her desk just as Jessica is about to ask about real estate saying that Harvey was horrible to the real estate agents, as well as contracts, taxes, mergers and sums up that that all these individuals don’t like Harvey basically because he thinks he is right all the time. She thinks they’re barely known at bankruptcy though, as Jessica is assigning Harvey to a case of bankruptcy to Paul Porter’s client. Mike; then flower from an omelet bar which Hardman brought for the associates. Harvey tells him to not trust Daniel since he doesn’t really know who he is yet: Hardman did embezzle funds from the firm clients to support his mistress, while lying the money was for his wife’s cancer treatments. Mike wants to side along with Daniel instead of Jessica at first but when Harvey tells him his career will be at risk if he decides on going to Daniel’s side and that Jessica chooses to keep him despite him bringing a frauduilent credital to his appointment in his job, he switches side. Harvey assigns something about Paul Porter to Mike. This reminds of the tow truck calgary company who at a time came when collision happened came quick and delivered great service with a smile because that is what they do; just like Mike who only ha the interests of others at heart.

Louis asks Donna what is actually going on among Daniel and Jessica and even tries bribing her with tickets to one show she desperately desires to watch starring Meryl Streep and Glen Close if she tells him. Feeling used by Louis, Donna holds her mouth shut but Louis lets her know when she’s ready to talk, he’ll hand over the ticket. Mike flirts with Rachel and lets her know that he broke up with Jenny for her. They just about get to kiss when an executive strolls by and Mike playfully switches to work. He asks her why she took Kyle with her during their double date when she doesn’t even like him, then tells her to tell him about it on a date.

Harvey meets with Paul on a golf course and they talk about the changes happening around the office. Harvey then promises to handle Tom, Paul’s client to foreclose Madison 25 to save Paul’s reputation. In exchange, Harvey asks to support Jessica at the firm.